Ted Talk: Bjarke Ingels: 3 Warp-Speed Architecture Tales

We’ve been passing around this particular Ted Talk via email to a bunch of our creative folks, but it’s too awesome to not share with everyone else. Prior to finishing the Business Program at UW, I was an aspiring architect. Watching this reminded me why I wanted to be one. Sustainable architecture was what drew me into that industry, but this fella took it to the next level by integrating his eco-bold designs with natural, urban surroundings and its occupants in mind.

Once you get passed his shirt, goofy posture, and accent, you learn how brilliant this man and his team are. Things start getting super juicy towards the last 10 minutes (most especially the last 5 minutes), but take the 20 minutes time to really get moved and inspired.


Jeremy Protacio {Principal | Director of Operations & Accounts}


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