Inspiration Lives In the Unexpected

This past week has been a vicarious ride along side world class athletes that have gathered in London to compete at the 2012 Summer Olympics to win a good fight and take home the gold.  Two nights ago, I was watching the Olympics and found myself in awe of the strength, drive and comradery the Women’s Gymnastics USA Team embodied. As I watched the team seesaw between disappointment, vigor & victory, I found myself invested in their efforts to win. By the third apparatus, not only was I invested, I was truly moved and inspired.

In reflecting on my practice as it is today, I saw that I have inherited a default reaction to reach for the latest magazine or search the web for the hottest trends for what we call inspiration. Although there are many a times that I find such amazing work through media, this past week was a great reminder that inspiration lives in the unexpected.

Create Until Your Teeth Fall Off,
Anne Milan Alo {Principal | Creative Director}





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